“Every Saturday” Zoom Open Mic

Stage Backdrop at the Masthouse

Weekly Zoom Open Mic – July 11, 2020

Doors open at 6:30 pm – Come on in, get settled, and visit with your friends. You can also use this time to locate your Mic control, Gallery/Speaker View switch, and (Text) Chat button. Once the music begins, the host will mute all microphones. The host will still be available by text chat, as will your fellow listeners and performers. Music begins at 7:00.

How to receive an invitation to join: If you are already on the Off Square Music Open Mic mailing list, you don’t have to do anything. If you would like to be added to that mailing list, please send an email via offsquaremusic@gmail.com so you can be added to it. You will receive a weekly reminder email with the information to join “Every Saturday.”

Optimize your Zoom experience by making a couple of changes in your setup. Here are current best-practices: https://offsquaremusic.org/2020/05/set-up-for-zoom-open-mics/


  • Dave Ashby
  • Paul “Barney” Barnicle
  • Randy Anderson
  • Stuart Thiel
  • Kent and Deb
  • Steve and Sylvia

If you would like to perform, please email offsquaremusic@gmail.com no later than noon on the Thursday before the event.  Andy Andrick will contact you when we receive your email. Please be sure to check out the Instructions for Performers on our website: https://offsquaremusic.org/2020/05/set-up-for-zoom-open-mics/

We look forward to your participation. This is a work in progress and suggestions are always welcome. 

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