4th Fridays Concerts at Their House with Cosy Sheridan and Charlie Koch

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Cosy Sheridan first appeared on the national folk scene in 1992 when she won the songwriting contests at The Kerrville Folk Festival and  The Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  The Boston Globe wrote: ”she is now being called one of the best new singer/songwriters”. 

She has been on the road ever since, playing clubs, concert halls, and coffeehouses across the country. “You can’t make it into double digits, and continue touring for twenty or so years, unless you know what you’re doing, and do it well,” said The Chicago Examiner.

She continues to be one of the most prolific songwriters in the folk scene. My Fence & My Neighbor was number four on the folk radio charts in 2018. Pretty Bird was listed in Sing Out Magazine’s Great CDs of 2014. 

She was a  voice student at  Berklee College of Music, and a guitar student of legendary fingerstyle players Eric Schoenberg and Guy Van Duser.  She has played at Carnegie Hall, The Cowgirl Hall of Fame, and on the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Backed by the strong rhythms and harmonies of her bass player Charlie Koch, she plays a percussive bluesy guitar style, often in open tunings and occasionally with two capos on the guitar neck.

She teaches classes in songwriting, performance, and guitar at workshops and adult music camps across the country. She is the director of Moab Folk Camp in Moab, Utah.


What folks say about Cosy Sheridan

4th Friday Concerts at Home | Don Stiernberg | Friday, March 26, 7:30 pm/CST | Livestream

America’s most beloved jazz mandolinist- Don Stiernberg, performing Live from His very Own House! Hear some very tasty licks, be soothed by his tender vocals, and check out the digs while you’re there.

Off Square Music is thrilled to present these 4th Friday concerts to you. Return HERE for your link to the livestream when it becomes available.

After the premiere, you will be able to enjoy the video right here, in the Video Gallery on the Off Square Music website – offsquaremusic.org.

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And now about our guest performer, Don Stiernberg

Don Stiernberg recently began his fifth decade as a working musician. Along the way he has been involved in many musical activities: performing, writing, recording, producing, and teaching, but is best known for his mandolin playing. Born and still based in Chicago, the mandolin found Don as he grew up “out in the woods” in the nearly-rural suburb of Wauconda, IL. A desire to make music with his banjo and guitar playing brother led Don to appropriate a mandolin that had been given to him. Things came into focus both mandolin and life-wise when his parents sent Don to study with Jethro Burns, famous comedian (Homer and Jethro)and the greatest mandolinist of his time. From the very first lesson, Burns was more than a teacher. He was role model, hero, mentor, and friend, and Stiernberg was hooked and hooked bad on the mandolin.His earliest professional experience was in a bluegrass band with his brother (The Morgan Bros.)and a bit later in The Jethro Burns Quartet.

Currently Don is regarded as a leading exponent of jazz mandolin style, and a respected teacher. The most recent of his nine recording projects is “Good Numbers”, a collection of standards and jazz tunes played by his working band, The Don Stiernberg Trio. Also released in 2016 were three online video instructional courses for Soundslice.com. The trio has performed coast to coast as well as in Germany and Brazil. Don also conveys his love of the mandolin and music at events such as The Mandolin Symposium (CA), The Swannanoa Gathering (NC), Django in June (MA), Mandolin and Guitar Camp North (MA), Steve Kaufman Acoustic Camp (TN), River of the West Mandolin Camp (OR), Cape Cod Mandolin Camp (MA), Ashokan Swing Week (NY), Accademia Internacionale di Mandolino (Italy), European Mandoline Akademy (Germany)and Momento Rio Bandolim (Brazil).

What folks say about Don

“I’ve known, played with, and listened to Don for many years and have always had the highest regard for his mandolin style-understated, subtle, and sweet.” ~ David Grisman

“[Stiernberg] is the foremost jazz mandolinist in America today”, says Mike Marshall, perhaps the most traveled of all reigning mandolin royalty, stylistically if not geographically. “He’s dedicated himself to the Jethro tradition but even beyond that, taking it as a very serious jazz instrument. His feel, just having Chicago in his blood, is so deep. He comes out here [to the San Francisco Bay area], he swings hard. Everybody’s just sitting there with their jaws dropped. And I think that these things are sort of cultural and regional–he embodies that urban guy who really knows what swing is about.” ~ Mike Marshall

“…one of the world’s leading jazz mandolin virtuosos” ~ Chicago Tribune

“If this music, with its joyous swing rhythms and nimble instrumental virtuosity, doesn’t persuade you that, yes, indeed, jazz can flourish on the mandolin(or any other instrument, really)then perhaps nothing will.” ~ Howard Reich

“…lovely, lovely music …we’ve had some real pleasure hearing it”~ Chris Heim, Music Director, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio
“Don Stiernberg is one of the best mandolinists in the country, and he is Chicago’s own.” ~ Richard Milne, host of Local Anesthetic on WXRT, Chicago’s Finest Rock
“….you have this really nice sense of time..very relaxed.” ~ Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air on National Public Radio. 
“….you don’t have to love the instrument to appreciate what Don Stiernberg has done with it….he has chosen exactly the right material to locate the mandolin precisely where it belongs in jazz-as a sweet and supple, slightly tremulous singer of love songs, both happy and sad.” ~ Neil Tesser, noted jazz critic
“ Stiernberg’s improvising is a never-ending stream of riveting ideas that are distinctively his own.” ~ David Royko, Chicago Tribune
“ Stiernberg’s mandolin creates absolute magic.” ~ Rich Warren, Sing Out magazine
“Please know that your superb music making has helped to make our series more successful than we ever imagined.” ~ John W.W. Sherer, Dir. of Music. Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL
“On behalf of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your participation in the 2001 Marshall Field’s Day of Music. Despite uncertain times in the world, nearly 14,000 people came to Symphony Center to hear glorious music from across Chicagoland…Thanks and Bravo…”~ James Fahey, Assistant Director of Programming
“ A protege’ of Jethro Burns, Stiernberg has absorbed the master’s musical knowledge and technical skill and combined it with other jazz and mandolin influences to forge a compelling musical presence-one that’s his alone.” ~ David McCarty, Mandolin Magazine
“His quartet swings as Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli did; interpreting classic songs and making them come alive.”
Jim Santella, AllAboutJazz.com
“Don Stiernberg is an awesome mandolin player who makes the instrument cry and laugh. The audience adored him last year, and that’s why he’s coming back.” ~ Mary Hatch, music programmer, Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL
“We had a lot of fine musicians here from all over the world. You know we in Germany like classical stuff a lot but we’re open to other styles too. We like Blues, Jazz, and Bluegrass–if it’s played well and sounds good. The tone produced by the mandolin must be round, warm, and full without disturbing sounds. We heard a wonderful mandolin sound from Don Stiernberg from Chicago in Bamberg.”Marga Wilden-Huesgen, mandolin professor emeritus and virtuoso ~ Hochschule fur Musik, Wuppertal/Koln, Germany

“Stiernberg and friends convey joy in virtually every track” ~ Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

“If the cliche “musician’s musician” means anything of value, it means an artist with superb instrumental skills who subjugate their innate virtuosity to create sublime, sophisticated music.These rare individuals possess a unique knack for always supporting a melody or enhancing an arrangement instead of flaunting their well-oiled chops. And if that definition holds true, then Don Stiernberg can only be called a musician’s musician’s musician. Admired by every great mandolinist of his generation and the true protege of the legendary Jethro Burns, Stiernberg has crafted a lifelong legacy of inserting the well-turned phrase, the dramatic pause, a hummingbird-like tremolo or the unexpected “outside” note into solos that delight the casual listener and amaze mandolinists of every caliber.” ~ David McCarty

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4th Friday Concerts at Home | Bill Camplin | Friday, February 26th, 7:30pm/CDT|- Livestream

Off Square Music is thrilled to present these 4th Friday concerts to you. You can enjoy the video right here, on the Off Square Music website – offsquaremusic.org.

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And now about our guest performer, Bill Camplin

Bill Camplin, co-owner with Kitty Welch of Café Carpe in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, contributes greatly to the folk music scene in Wisconsin and beyond. He kicks off our 4th Friday Concerts at Home series.
Bill is a singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist, playing professionally in the Milwaukee area since the late 1960s. Bill writes and arranges his own material and has produced a considerable body of work. He has appeared regularly at various clubs including the Blue River Café, Numero Unos, The Crystal Palace, The Avante Garde and the 19th Street Coffee House. Live performances with the Bill Camplin Band can be seen on Facebook, Reverbnation and on YouTube. Call the Café Carpe at 920-563 -9391, email info@cafecarpe.com or go to cdbaby.com to order Bill’s CDs. You’ll also enjoy The Bill Camplin Band’s CD, “Reunion at Ebbott’s Barn.” 
Bill’s songs, “Village of Kindness” and “Inspiration” invite us to think and dream about kindness and follow the inspiration of people we admire.Off Square Music is excited to feature artists that have performed for us before such as Bill Camplin. He has performed in the past for both the Woodstock Folk Festival and Off Square Music.
To sign up for the Café Carpe events email list, go to cafecarpe.com. In-house events are cancelled, but you can check for live-streamed events. Many fans are eagerly awaiting the day when we can go to concerts in the listening room, dine in the café and have a drink in the bar!

What folks say about Bill

“When I think of Bill, I experience his warm voice and gentle guitar that pierces the heart in the night.” ~ Corky Siegel
“Bill is one of THE nicest club owners on the planet, with a keep love of music, and a strong commitment to bringing the best music to Ft. Atkinson, WI. Warm-hearted, generous, and slightly surreal, he and Kitty provide the most simpatico and copasetic vibes possible at Café Carpe, along with great food. Not to mention his great singing voice that I wouldn’t mind hearing more of! Bill, my hat is off to you, even though it’s REALLY cold out there now!” ~ Howard Levy
Bill Camplin is one of my favorite songwriters and performers! His percussive guitar and innovative interpretations of cover songs are second only to his original material. Musician, club owner, head cook or human being, Bill is one of the best! ~ Tricia Alexander
“What can I say about Bill Camplin that you haven’t already heard on your police scanner? Well, when he’s not running from the law, he is singing soulful renditions of his own songs, delivering inventive interpretations other others’ material (most notable Bob Dylan), and accompanying himself on his Martin guitars. He makes a mean jambalaya in the galley kitchen of the beloved Café Carpe in Ft. Atkinson, WI. He is a longtime dear friend and colleague, but if you happen to see him, please remind him he owes me forty bucks.” ~ Randy Sabien
“I have been a follower of Bill Camplin’s music for over a decade. I love to sit in the dimmed lights of the listening room at the Café Carpe and get lost in Bill’s performances. He is one of those rare performing artists who seems to become one with the song–whether his own or a cover arrangement–and, in becoming one with the music, he invites us into that experience as well. To be carried away by Bill’s music is not an escape so much as a journey of emotion and ideas. With Bill, it seems to me that it’s about the music, the art; his guitar playing and singing serve the songs, amplifying their power and beauty. As a singer myself, I have extra appreciation for Bill’s vocals. His strong, passionate voice, gorgeous and true, masterfully conveys all that each song has to say, fulfilling a promise to us as listeners and, also I believe to the Muse, to Art itself. I feel enormously grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy his concerts, and even learn a thing or two from him over the years.” ~ Kaia Fowler
“Bill Camplin is well known as a singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist. He was an integral part of the Milwaukee acoustic folk scene for many years and is also proprietor (along with Kitty Welch) of the World Famous Café Carpe in Fort Atkinson. The club attracts people on the singer-songwriter circuit, and has gained a national reputation among songwriters. ” ~ Wisconsin Public Radio

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