• Hi, Susan – Your email address will be added to the email for Every Saturday which will provide the link and password.

    • Please add me to the email distro list. Certain habitués of this event who now live in other states (ahem) have been learning new songs and would love to rejoin the group!

    • Hello, Patricia – I have requested that you be added to the email list for Every Saturday.

  1. Thanks for a great re-organization of how to sign up to perform. While this has been a traditional way of signup, having our own info page and a section to request a slot to perform. I also would like to thank you for the disclaimer that “not all can be accommodated “. I also like the idea of letting us know who’s performing and what timeslot they are in, who is before them and who follows them. It’s a good idea to also warn the next performer with an “On Deck” announcement so they can have their instruments tuned and can take the stage and start “sorta on time”!

  2. I checked out the website and really enjoyed Norm’s and Two Easy Payment’s samples of music. Great idea. I think you said you will put more performer samples of music on there. I look forward to more of that!

    • Hi Mary – thanks for checking in! Click on the Performers tab in the top menu. You’ll find lots of performers with music samples. Not all the performers who sent in their information have been posted yet — it’s a work in progress. And there will be many more coming in, hopefully. I’m glad you’re enjoying their samples. Me too!

  3. Nice tribute, Keith. Roger was a friend to us all and his medical knowledge was a real blessing for both Harvey Aaron and our son Aaron. We will always be grateful.

  4. Yes. And of course we always have the old issue of time. Some songs are short and sweet like the old AM radio records, others can seem endless. The old “two songs” rule is useless if the songs are way too long or if the performer spends 5 minutes talking before they start and another 5 minutes talking between songs. A time limit is better, though difficult to enforce. It’s really a matter of communication and courtesy. If everyone understood going in that time is limited and people are waiting to go on it might go more smoothly.

    • Would love to see you there! Come on out to the Square, Stage Left Cafe, or join us Saturday evenings on Zoom. All the info is in our weekly newsletters. Be sure to sign up!

  5. Dear Keith and Nancy – thank you so much for your many contributions to the unique and beautiful culture of the Woodstock community. The Farmers Market is not only useful but is an uplifting twice-weekly event. And the music events are also inspirational community happenings. Although not a musician, I was so warmly welcomed “into the Woodstock music family” by you, Keith, at a First Saturday Open Mic after Andy announced at an earlier Stage Left Open Mic that we were getting married. And now I get to see my son welcomed into the same community and develop his music and music technology skills. Your passion for what you do, your skill in working with people, and your management abilities are important. But your kind and caring nature, your optimism and your humor help make the community what it is. My mother always said coming into Woodstock is like coming into Brigadoon. 😉 – Seriously, I treasure the opportunity I have had to come into this wonderful community and get to know you. Congratulations on these well-deserved honors. – Leslie

  6. Well deserved awards for all that you have done for the community! The photos of you and Judy singing together bring back fond memories ❤️

  7. It has been a real honor to know and work with Keith these past years. It’s so rare to come across someone like him, who works so hard for the benefit of others. The kind of selfless service Keith embodies is something I admire greatly and an example I strive to follow.

  8. John and I were latecomers to the musical community in Woodstock—we moved here in 2011. But from the first moment we met, Judy made us feel like we belonged. She was never anything but kind to us—and to everyone. One of my favorite memories is when she came over to our house and gave me a lesson in how to save some failing perennials: prune away the hopeless bits, trim back the stems, feed, and water every day. Judy was always able and willing to adopt that approach with her friends—trim away the damaged parts and feed and water generously. Along with Keith, she was “the heart and soul” of Woodstock music—and remains so in so many people’s memory.

  9. I lived in Elgin in 2006, when I first came to Woodstock! I was greeted st the door by Judy Matzen with a smile and a hug. She made coming out to Woodstock a required trip for me. She was encouraging and made everyone feel comfortable and LOVED! She was fun to be with!

    I moved out to Woodstock in 2018. I so miss her smile and warm, friendly attitude.

  10. I’ve had the pleasure to know Don for many years, now. A big treat for me was to “recreate” the joy that Jethro and Steve Goodman’s Take Me Out To The Ballgame at Lake Forest College. I am excited to see Don and John in concert!

  11. I attended a few of the shows that were broadcast from the Starline in Harvard Illinois and enjoyed them.
    Covid has made a big divot in history and it would be so nice to get back to normal!

  12. I hope that Mark will bring lots of his “Bowling for Christmas & other tales from the road” book. I already have two books and I think many other readers will touched in a heartfelt way when they read his book. It’s not just for Christmas, yet the story of the same name makes my cry because it touches the humanity in anyone who reads that story.

    • Sorry we missed this, David. Signups for events with Zoom options are always on the website. The Zoom link goes out via email to those who purchased tickets. Hope you were able to work it out before the show.

    • Hi Ed! We’ll be sharing the recording on our YouTube channel as soon as the editing is done. And there will be a notice about that in our email newsletter once it’s ready to watch. Of course, we hope you’ll support Small Potatoes and/or Off Square Music with a donation if you enjoy the recording, but there is no need to pay anything to get access!

    • The Woodstock Folk Festival is not an Off Square Music event. We have it on our calendar to help promote awareness of it, but it’s hosted by Woodstock Folk Festival. Also, it’s not a ticketed event – it’s supported by donations. The suggested donation for individuals is $30 and for families, it’s $40. To make your donation, please visit https://woodstockfolkfestival.org/

  13. Why finish a great community contribution early? Why not continue to enjoy the nice weather of fall to share and shine with all the local talent and bring people out to enjoy the healthy outdoors? What a waste of not keeping the beautiful square alive and serving it’s unique purpose!!!

    • It was great, wasn’t it, Rose? Unfortunately our last scheduled performers had a family medical emergency and had to cancel. We hope to see them next year!

  14. Aloha Nancy! Glad to see you are thriving – still singing and playing guitar. I remember the day we (you, me, Gail, Rosie O’Connor maybe?) sat at the corner of Rogers Av and Ridge Blvd after school trying to think of a name for our first singing group. We saw a “Post No Bills” sign and decided that was an awesome name. Go figure!

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