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"Black And White Guitar Playing Edited 2020" by chocolatedazzles is licensed under CC BY 2.0
From the community: Share what you know, share your stories.

Who is “the Community”? That’s you!

Off Square Music wants your stories, trivia, tidbits of music lore, and instructions for how to do what you do. Share your knowledge and experiences!

We are very excited about two new sections we’ve added to the Off Square Music website, part of a project we hope will become a valuable resource and active “music exchange.”

  • Music Lore – Music stories, trivia, funny moments, memories, tips, fascinating bits of music lore.
  • How-To – Examples of How-To follow, and we know you can come up with lots more from your experience!
    • How-to get started on an instrument
    • How-to perform a favorite music technique
    • How-to set up a home music studio
    • How-to market yourself
    • How-to get over stage fright
    • How-to get underway with song-writing
    • What else?

Submit your information by sending an email to Attach a photo or two, or even a video if you’d like. We’ll write it up into a post. Then people can comment or respond or ask questions. Maybe even get inspired to submit their own post content.

Your post will become a permanent part of the Off Square Music website. It will contribute to what we hope will someday be a wonderful resource, a library of useful, interesting, and fun music information.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!

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