Step 1: Submit Your Information

To promote and support you in the best way possible in all our venues, we ask that all current and future performers complete a form with some information.

If you are submitting on behalf of a group, please complete a second submission for yourself, your own music bio, and relevant links to websites and social media. Ask the other members of your group to do the same.

You only need to submit your information once using the button below. We’ll keep the information on file to use going forward.

Step 2: Request to Perform

Once you have provided your information using the button above, you can use the form below to submit a request to perform in one or more of our venues. Return at any time to select more events or a particular event. Someone will contact you as soon as possible to work out the details.

Note: Not all performance requests can be accommodated. We will contact you to work out the details.