Off Square Music ... This Is Our Story

Off Square Music ... This Is Our Story

Off Square Music is the heart and soul of the Woodstock music scene and the center of musical energy in McHenry County, Illinois. From all of its year-round indoor live music venues to outdoor special events and the award winning Woodstock Farmers Market, musicians and non-musicians alike travel to Woodstock to learn, hear and play music of many genres. Read more about our history in "About."

Music at the Market 2021

  • Saturday, April 17th
    • 9-12:30 Courtney and Chris
  • Saturday, April 24th
    • 9:00 Mike Breen
    • 11:00 Lara Bell
  • Saturday, May 1st
    • 9-12:00 Bad Penny
  • Saturday, May 8th
    • 9:00 Lia Nicine McCoo
    • 11:00 The Siblings
  • Saturday, May 15th
    • 9:00 Suzy Schwartz
    • 11:00 Cheryl and the Down Home Boys
  • Saturday, May 22nd
    • 9:00 Guyz with Bad Eyez
    • 11:00 Mary Lai
  • Saturday, May 29th
    • 9:00 Big Fish
    • 11:00 Northwest Highway
  • Tuesday, June 1st
    • 9:00 Courtney and Chris
    • 11:00 Sue Fink
  • Saturday, June 5th
    • 9-12:30 Bad Penny
  • Tuesday, June 8th
    • 9:00 ThingamaJig
    • 11:00 Tricia Alexander
  • Saturday, June 12th
    • 9:00 Kishwaukee Ramblers
    • 11:00 Mark Hobbs
  • Tuesday, June 15th
    • 9:00 Sharon Arnold
    • 11:00 Moriyah and McCoo
  • Saturday, June 19th
    • 9-12:30 Stage Leftovers
  • Tuesday, June 22nd
    • 9:00 Guyz with Bad Eyez
    • 11:00 Lara Bell
  • Saturday, June 26th
    • 9:00-10:30 Northwest Highway
    • 10:45-12:30 Big Fish
  • Tuesday, June 29th
    • 9-10:30 Andy and Gloria
    • 10:30-12:30 Bob Palmer
  • Saturday, July 3rd
    • 9-10:30 Amy Dixon Kolar
    • 10:45-12:30 Cheryl and the Down Home Boys
  • Tuesday, July 6th
    • 9-11:00 Courtney and Chris
    • 11-12:30 Tricia Alexander
  • Saturday, July 10th
    • 9-10:30 Guyz with Bad Eyez 
    • 10:45-12:30 Rachel and Jori
  • Tuesday, July 13th
    • 9-11:00 ThingamaJig
    • 11-12:30 Suzy Schwartz
  • Saturday, July 17th
    • 9-12:30 Stage Leftovers
  • Tuesday, July 20th
    • 9-10:00 Mike Breen
    • 10-11:00 Sharon Arnold
    • 11-12:30 Honey Cellar
  • Saturday, July 24th
    • 9-10:30 Kishwaukee Ramblers
    • 10:45-12:30 Lara Bell
  • Tuesday, July 27th
    • 9:00 tbd
    • 10-11:30 Amy Dixon Kolar
    • 11:30 tbd
  • Saturday, July 31st
    • 9-10:30 Big Fish
    • 10:45-12:30 Northwest Highway
  • Tuesday, August 3rd
    • 9-11:00 Courtney and Chris
    • 11-12:30 tbd
  • Saturday, August 7th
    • Steelpan Jazz Festival
  • Tuesday, August 10th
    • 9:00 Thingamajig
    • 11:00 Lara Bell
  • Saturday, August 14th
    • 9-12:30 Stage Leftovers
  • Tuesday, August 17th
    • 9:00 Merv Collins
    • 10:30-12:30 Pete Jonsson and Rich Prezioso
  • Saturday, August 21st
    • 9-10:30 Kishwaukee Ramblers
    • 10:45-12:30 Sue Fink
  • Tuesday, August 24th
    • 9:00 Kent and Deb
    • 11:00 Jim Gary
  • Saturday, August 28th
    • 9-10:30 Northwest Highway
    • 10:45-12:30 Big Fish
  • Tuesday, August 31st
    • 9-12:30 Suzy Schwartz
  • Saturday, September 4th
    • 9-12:30 Bad Penny
  • Tuesday, September 7th
    • 9-12:30 Courtney & Chris
  • Saturday, September 11th
    • 9-10:30 Big Fish
    • 10:45-12:30 Northwest Highway
  • Tuesday, September 14th
    • 9:00 Thingamajig
    • 11:00 Tricia Alexander
  • Saturday, September 18th
    • 9-10:30 Guyz with Bad Eyez
    • 10:45-12:30 Cheryl and the Down Home Boys
  • Tuesday, September 21st
    • 9:00 Pete Jonsson
    • 11:00 Mark Hobbs
  • Saturday, September 25th
    • 9-10:30 Kishwaukee Ramblers
    • 10:45-12:30 Mark and Jean
  • Tuesday, September 28th (Last market Tuesday)
    • 9-10:30 Mike Breen
    • 10:45-12:30 Sharon Arnold
  • Saturday, October 2nd
    • 9-12:30 Bad Penny
  • Saturday, October 9th
    • No music – Model Train Event
  • Saturday, October 16th
    • 9-10:30 Julie Gibson
    • 10:45-12:30 Rachel and Jori
  • Saturday, October 23rd
    • TBD Weather Permitting

Stay tuned for more live music coming your way!

Stephen Schuch | Stage Left Open Mic | September 10th Feature

Stephen Schuch is the featured performer for the Stage Left Open Mic, September 10, starting 7pm.

Stephen Schuch is the Stage Left Open Mic featured performer for September 10.

Stephen brings a wide variety of sounds and moods to each performance, hoping to make you feel the music. With pop tunes, folk, blues, R&B and jazz, there’s certainly something for everyone to enjoy who comes to listen.

Stage Left Open Mics are held on the 2nd Friday of every month from 7 – 11 p.m. at Stage Left Cafe, 125 Van Buren St. on the historic Woodstock Square.

Off Square Music invites musicians, singers, poets and other performers to participate in the Open Mic Nights. Whether you’re just starting out as a performer or are a seasoned veteran, Open Mic Night offers a supportive atmosphere with an exceptional performance space and sound system.

Would You Like to Perform?

Stage Left Open Mics meet second Friday of every month, Woodstock, Illinois.
Stage Left Open Mics meet second Friday of every month, Woodstock, Illinois.

Performing slots are 15 minutes or three songs, whichever comes first. In addition, there will be a featured performer taking the stage for a 30-minute set.

As we get underway with live events, be sure you’re on our email list for information about all our upcoming events! Sign up in the left column of any page on the site. Send your music-loving friends and family to sign up too.

You don’t have to perform to enjoy Open Mic Nights. Just come on out for the live music and Woodstock’s charming atmosphere. Off Square requests a $5.00/pp donation to support our many music activities, including Open Mic Nights.

To sign up to perform, email Mike Breen at, Subject: Stage Left Open Mics. If you stop by an Open Mic Night early in the evening, there might even be an available slot that same night.

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Open Mic nights are:

  • September 10 – Stephen Schuch Featured Performer
  • October 8
  • November 12

If you would like to contribute to Off Square Music, please use the Donate button in the left column of every page of this site. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Sundays On The Square presents …

August 1, 2021

Dave Ramont 5-6PM

Robin & Jenny Bienemann 6-7PM

Dave Ramont 5-6PM; Robin & Jenny Bienemann 6-7PM

Sundays On The Square

We’re finishing off the month of June in a truly spectacular way this Sunday 6/27. The Last Word is a celebration of collaboration, in many surprising and wonderful ways. Joined by Tricia Alexander and Diana Laffey, this will be a unique and wonderful show. Get there early for the best view. Show begins at 5 PM. Tips are cheerfully accepted at the Virtual Tip Jar signs posted around the bandstand, or in the Tip Bucket in front of the bandstand. All tips go directly to the performers. See you there!

Sundays on the Square June 27, 5-7 pm - come on out to enjoy The Last Word with Tricia Alexander and Diana Laffey.
The Last Word Quintet
with Special Guests
Tricia Alexander & Diana Laffey
The Last Word Quintet is a collaboration between four of Chicago’s best musicians and songwriters with Marc Kelly Smith, performance poet, founder of the Uptown Poetry Slam and a leader of the worldwide poetry slam movement. Marc’s performance of original and classic poetry meshes seamlessly with Al Day’s vocals and lyrics to illustrate multi-dimensional tales of urban life. With pianist Bob Long, bassist Doug Lofstrom and saxophonist Brian Gephart, the Last Word creates new worlds to be explored. As Robert Rodi wrote in New City, “it’s apparent we’re hearing an entirely new kind of poetic conversation, and it’s thrilling.” Tricia Alexander:  Award winning Performing & Healing Artist
Exquisite voice, powerful performance poet & harmonica player. Tricia’s vibrant performance style is joy-filled, uplifting & inspiring!
Diana Laffey, Vocalist Extraordinaire, Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter & Percussionist Folk, Blues, Rock, Kid’s Music – Diana’s got a little piece of it all in her heart! Together these two make musical magic!Sundays on the Square June 27, 5-7 pm – come on out to enjoy
The Last Word with Tricia Alexander and Diana Laffey.


Please stay tuned for new dates!

Sundays On The Square

brought to you by Off Square Music and the Woodstock Opera House.

Click here to see the full schedule!

TODAY! Sundays On The Square with The LeftOvers

Sundays on the Square features The LeftOvers in the first free concert of the season.

Sundays On The Square kicks off this season’s FREE concerts with The LeftOvers. Bring your chair and a snack! Relax in the beautiful Woodstock Square with The LeftOvers Sunday, June 6th, 5-7 pm. Off Square Music and the Woodstock Opera House bring you this free concert.

Band members are Joe Pesz, Rich Prezioso, Brian Murphy, Pete Jonsson, Les Urban, Laurel Palma and Jim Seidel.

Woodstock Opera House Spotlight Series and Off Square Music Present –

We’re Happy to be co-presenting some fine music in conjunction with the Woodstock Opera House. Streaming Live from the stage along with some subscriber interactive events along the way.

TICKETS: $20.00 Livestream Package (Includes all four Spotlight Performances)
OR $10.00 per performance

Get your tickets now!

First show Friday 2/12 at 8 PM- LIVE on your screen. See you there.