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Jamie O'Reilly
Jamie O'Reilly
Jamie O'Reilly and Ensemble bring In Old Chicago to Woodstock through Off Square On Air.
Jamie O’Reilly and Ensemble bring
In Old Chicago to Woodstock
through Off Square On Air.

Off Square On Air, Friday, July 7, Jamie O’Reilly presents In Old Chicago. Off Square On Air brings you a unique concert/interview in this fourth show in the series. Choose your venue – live at Stage Left Cafe or from home on Zoom. The show is Friday, July 7 at 7:00 pm CDT (doors open at 6:30 pm CDT at Stage Left, 6:45 pm CDT on Zoom). We hope to see you at Stage Left Cafe or on Zoom!

We know you’ll enjoy this opportunity to get to know exceptional musicians in a uniquely personal way.

In Old Chicago

In her program, In Old Chicago — part memoir, part concert — singer/writer Jamie O’Reilly captures an explosive time in Chicago history as a great city comes of age. Through stories and songs, she shares the roots of a vocal tradition and rich history of her Irish American family, who have been in Chicago for over 120 years, and how that tradition led to the singer/activist she is today.

In Old Chicago also features Christopher O’Reilly and Judi Heikes reading poetry and excerpts from family memoirs of Chicago from the turn of the 20th century into the outbreak of WWI and the early 20s: the newspapers, the neighborhoods, the union halls, activism, and the arts. And more.

Christopher O’Reilly lives in Crystal Lake and played the role of Scrooge at the Opera House for many seasons! Other ensemble members include Victor Holstein.

In Old Chicago was featured on the WFMT Midnight Special 70th Anniversary Broadcast.

Off Square On Air July 7 Jamie O'Reilly, In Old Chicago. Jamie with ensemble including Marilyn Rea Beyer. Photo credit: Rick Beyer.
Off Square On Air July 7 Jamie O’Reilly, In Old
Chicago. Jamie with the In Old Chicago ensemble. Photo credit: Rick Beyer.

Off Square On Air is brought to you by Off Square Music and the Woodstock Opera House.

Off Square On Air is a series of two-hour concert/interview shows. In this fourth event in the series, Jamie and her group bring us music, history and stories. Before the show, Jamie and the rest of the group chat with the host about the show and the Voices of Old Chicago Legacy Project.

The live audience is invited to become co-creators, adding to the experience with their own questions, comments, and stories. Zoom attendees — you, too, are invited to join in via Chat!!

This is a ticketed event, with ticket options for attending in-person or via Zoom. Zoom tickets go out automatically on receipt of your ticket purchase.

Check back to this page for new information – concert-related sales and possible contests or giveaways!

Attend at Stage Left. Tickets are $15.00/pp to attend in person at Stage Left Cafe. Get your tickets for the live event here.

Attend via Zoom. You can also enjoy the concert from home! Tickets are $10.00/pp to attend via Zoom. Get your Zoom tickets here.

Off Square On Air Features Jamie O’Reilly

With her distinctive lilting voice and broad vocal range, Jamie O’Reilly approaches folk music with the passion of a theater artist and the attention of an art song interpreter. Her programs include songs reminiscent of by-gone eras, traditional, and original work in the singer/songwriter genre. Vocal selections range from romantic standards from the 1920s – 40s, to sultry ballads and Celtic folksongs, to arts songs and parlor songs, contemporary folk, and Americana ballads. She is accompanied by the finest musicians on guitars, piano and more.

John Erickson - “Erickson creates a whole new universe with his lush re- harmonizations, extended melodies and subtle yet captivating force.”
John Erickson – “Erickson creates a whole
new universe with his lush re-
harmonizations, extended melodies and
subtle yet captivating force.”

Read Jamie’s Work History Blog – 30 plus years of programs and projects

Jamie is accompanied in her current programs by the pianist John Erickson. ( While creating new work on a regular bass, Jamie’s programs also revisit the songs she sang when she was coming up as a young professional and throughout her 40-plus year career as a ballad singer; those she performed on radio, for concerts, tributes, and in cultural arts series throughout the Chicago area. Programs heard at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Poetry Foundation, the Chicago Humanities Festival, and myriad arts venues. She specializes in period pieces — music for the centenary of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition, Irish Vaudeville, European-style cabaret and songs from the folk canon. Highlights from the award-winning musical revue Hello Dali: From the Sublime to the Surreal, created with Michael Smith, are also included in Jamie’s programs.

What People Say…

“Jamie is especially gifted, with her vibrant voice and a passion for life.” ~ Studs Terkel

“Jamie O’Reilly brought such lilting beauty to our Bloomsday Chicago at Chief O’Neill’s, her captivating voice perfectly capturing mood and tone throughout our evening. Her voice was as lambent light across and even through the very words of our play, a gift of whimsy and romance, a reflection on love and loss, a perfect complement to our take on James Joyce’s grand story.” ~ JR Sullivan, Theatre Director/Writer/Producer

“It moves me every time I hear you…She’s one of a kind, ladies and gentlemen. One of a kind.” ~ Rick Kogan, WGN Radio 720

“Jamie not only has the voice of an angel, but possesses an adventurous spirit that allows her to create shows and moments and memories that are real and lasting…She is a Chicago treasure.” ~ Rick Kogan
WGN Radio, Chicago Tribune

“Together their musical palette is pretty astonishing.” ~ Chicago Magazine

“Your voice was gifted to you but then your soulful spirit took it deeper. Some sing the notes, some take those notes and it becomes MUSIC. When you sing, your voice is pure, bell-like. You bring your story to your audience, phrasing each lyric with a genuine delivery.“ ~ a fan

Would you like to learn more about Jamie O’Reilly?

Better yet, hear Jamie O’Reilly in person at Stage Left Cafe AND on Zoom, when she performs In Old Chicago for Off Square On Air, Friday, July 7, 7:00 pm CDT (doors open at 6:30 pm CDT at Stage Left, 6:45 pm CDT on Zoom).

And if you like that, come back for more at this year’s 38th Annual Woodstock Folk Festival, Sunday, July 16, 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm CDT.

With thanks to our supporters

Program made possible with grants from the Illinois Arts Council, the City of Woodstock, and the McHenry County Community Foundation.

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