Sammy Byerly

Sammy Byerly is a lifelong, full-time amateur musician and songwriter. He is a trained percussionist but self-taught on guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin.

Sammy’s original songs revolve around love stories, humorous situations, and anecdotal tales “loosely” based on truth and reality.

Two recordings of original songs are available on CD; “I Don’t Wanna Be Mom” and “Tie Me Down”.

Sammy is a regular at the Every Saturday Virtual Open Mic.

Sammy grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 1960s. After College in West Virginia, he spent several years touring with a band called The Paradise Rangers. He currently resides in Yorkville, Illinois with his border collie nemesis named Buzz.

Would you like to learn more about Sammy Byerly?

Here’s an original holiday song Sammy shared at the Every Saturday Virtual Open Mic, called “Please Don’t Shoot Santa”:

And here’s another sample of Sammy’s music to enjoy, “Winter in Wisconsin”:

Winter In Wisconsin

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