JB Jefferson

JB Jefferson, bringing you Americana music One Man Band style.
JB Jefferson, bringing you Americana music One Man Band style.

JB Jefferson “turned over a new leaf” recently! He transitioned from a career as an accomplished club drummer of 40 years to playing his own style of energetic, unique, unconventional music.

JB is happy to be in his 60s, finding THE musical direction he searched for. It’s a unique mix of Rural Americana, blues, country, folk and a little rock n roll. His music has “bits and pieces of songs from all walks of life.”

JB Jefferson Past and Present

As a drummer, highlights of his career included weekly shows at the Kingston Mines in Chicago with Les Getrex, Glenn Davis, the Blues Commission, and the Organgrinder’s Blues Band. He was also the house drummer for many jam bands along the Illinois-Wisconsin state line.

He performed at Chocolate Fest, Madison Blues Fest, Marquette Blues Fest, Juke Joint Fest in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Grafton Paramount Blues Fest, and lots of clubs and parties.

But his music has changed! Visualize a homemade 3-string cigar box guitar, a thumpin’ old parade drum, shakin’ a tambourine and singing with a gravely voice as if Tom Waits met Howlin’ Wolf. It’s a one-man band style putting out a powerful full sound. No loops. Gotta see it! Gotta hear it!

JB Jefferson and Off Square Music

JB performs at the All-Original Open Mics at Stage Left, and we are hoping he will soon be a featured performer at a Stage Left Cafe Open Mic.

Would you like to know more about JB?

Check out JB in our Video Gallery!

J.B. Jefferson - Open Mic at Stage Left - June 8, 2022

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