Remembering Steve Francois

Steve and Sylvia Francois, true Friends of Off Square Music.
Steve and Sylvia Francois

We were sad to learn of the passing of Steve Francois during this past week. Many of us knew Steve from the years when he and his wife and music partner, Sylvia, took on hosting music events at the Masthouse.

Steve and Sylvia took over as the hosts of Masthouse when Don’s wife, Eunice, was dying from breast cancer. Don and Eunice went to California for her final days, and it was many years before Don returned to live at the Masthouse. During his absence, Don rented the downstairs to Dave Ashby with the stipulation that the First Saturday events would continue. 

During Steve and Sylvia’s time as host and hostess, they brought in many people, especially from the Chicago folk scene. They were fine performers themselves, and Steve was an especially gracious host.

In recent years, Steve and Sylvia have attended Every Saturday Virtual Open Mics. And word has it that Steve was also a beloved local Santa Claus.

Help us create a memorial for Steve Francois, someone we honor for his role in helping to build our beloved Woodstock music community. Please share your memories of Steve below in the Comments section.

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