Off Square On Air Features Mark Dvorak | Host Keith Johnson

Off Square On Air presents Mark Dvorak performing, Keith Johnson hosting. November 2, 7 pm CST, Stage Left Cafe.
Off Square On Air presents Mark Dvorak performing, Keith Johnson hosting. November 2, 7 pm CST, Stage Left Cafe.

Off Square On Air features Mark Dvorak with Keith Johnson hosting in this second show in the series. Choose your venue – live at Stage Left Cafe or from home on Zoom. Show is November 2, 7:00 pm CDT (doors open at 6:30 pm CDT).

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Off Square On Air is brought to you by Off Square Music and the Woodstock Opera House

Off Square On Air is a series of two-hour concert/interview shows. We are excited to present the second in a series of what we hope will become a major real-time and online contribution to great music.

Each event in the series features a performer or a group of performers bringing us what we love — their music. But there’s more!

Our host, Keith Johnson will chat with performers between songs, drawing out their unique stories, thoughts, experiences, and tips. The live audience is invited to become co-creators, adding to the experience with their own questions, comments, and stories. Zoom attendees — you too are invited to join in via Chat!!

Shows are ticketed events in person and for live-streaming on Zoom. Reserve in advance for live shows as well as to receive the Zoom link for the live-stream.

Check back to this page for new information – concert-related sales and possible contests or giveaways!

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Attend at Stage Left. Tickets are $15.00/pp to attend in person at Stage Left Cafe. Get your tickets for the live event here.

Attend via Zoom. You can also enjoy the concert from home! Tickets are $10.00/pp to attend via Zoom. Get your Zoom tickets here. Prior to the event, we’ll send an email with the Zoom link to everyone who purchased tickets.

Following live shows, events are edited to one-hour webcasts and made available in the Off Square Music website Video Gallery.

Off Square On Air Features Mark Dvorak November 2

Mark Dvorak

Since 1981 Mark Dvorak has given almost ten thousand performances. He has appeared in nearly all of the United States and has made visits to Finland, Canada, and Ireland. To date, he has released twenty albums including 2020’s Let Love Go On and 2022’s Live & Alone.

For thirty-one years, Dvorak was an integral member of the faculty at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music. He began teaching as an avocation, but his interest in working with students deepened and evolved into a way of life and a livelihood of “helping people teach themselves.”

Since 1986, thousands of music students have passed through his classes. He has helped many a beginner get through their first chords and strums and has hosted a catalog of masterclasses and workshops on a range of subjects from old-time banjo picking to the legacy of the great Lead Belly, to just about every other topic related to the study of the American folk song.

What People Say About Mark Dvorak

“Chicago’s official troubadour”, The Midnight Special, WFMT 98.7 FM 

“Masterful”, Chicago Tribune

“Dvorak shines!” SING OUT!

“A master musician, storyteller & songwriter”, WKMS, Murray KY

“Dvorak’s song book ranges across the American heartland”, Blue Bear Music School, San Fancisco CA

“Funny, passionate, intimate and unforgettable”, Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago IL

Would you like more from Mark Dvorak?

And be sure to read the post on this site about Mark’s workshop on “Tuning Up Your Performance.”

Off Square On Air host, Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson with his singing partner of many years, Judy Matzen.
Keith Johnson with Judy Matzen, his singing partner of many years.

This past summer, Keith received a number of awards for the years he has devoted to building community in the Woodstock area and in particular, a vibrant music community.

Here is an excerpt about the award Keith received:

Woody Award from the Woodstock Folk Festival

The Woodstock Folk Festival presents a “Woody Award” each year to those who have made significant contributions to the music community outside the performance area. This year the Festival honored Keith for his many contributions to the Woodstock music community and beyond.

Woodstock Folk Festival President, Carol Obertubbesing, reflected on Keith’s contributions as Co-founder and Director of Off Square Music, which hosts “concerts and open mics where he champions both seasoned and new performers…whether it’s organizing events, doing sound, speaking out on behalf of the arts in our community, or encouraging both new and seasoned performers, Keith is truly “THE man about town.”

For more about Keith’s work in community building, click here.

We hope to see you at Stage Left Cafe or on Zoom. We know you’ll enjoy this opportunity to get to know exceptional musicians in a uniquely personal way.

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