New Year’s Eve Party

Thursday, December 31, 2020.

Didn’t get the email announcement? For a Zoom link to attend, email is hosting a New Year’s Eve gathering. Unfortunately there won’t be pizza and champagne this year, but we’re still going to have a fun time bringing live music into your homes. We’ll start at 8 and go until probably around 10. Rich and Jacquie (Small Potatoes) have agreed to conclude the event with their customary virtual toast, and we are grateful to them. They are our inspiration and leaders of this wonderful musical community.

We did our best to accommodate everyone who wanted to perform, but there just wasn’t enough time to give everyone one song or five minutes. We will put you on the next regular Every Saturday event on January 2nd. Here’s the list of performers:

  • Sharon Arnold
  • Mike Breen
  • Norm Seigel
  • Dave Wagner
  • Mike Eckert
  • Jim Fine
  • Steve and Sylvia
  • John and Carol
  • Jeremy Simon
  • Mike Reed
  • Randy Anderson
  • Andrew Huber
  • Marcia Krieger
  • Bob Maleske
  • Dave Ashby
  • Pete and Cheryl
  • Russ and Diane Ward
  • Les Urban
  • Tricia Alexander
  • Tony Willis
  • Kent and Deb.
  • Small Potatoes

Didn’t get the email announcement? For a Zoom link to attend, email

Every Saturday Zoom Open Mic-4/10/2021

Join us for our weekly Zoom Open Mic

Besides our normal lineup of great musicians, we are happy to have with us one of the Corner Boys. Don’t miss it, it promises to be another great night of live music! See you there!

This Saturday’s performers are:

  • Tony Willis
  • Waddle & Daub
  • Jim Bartholomew
  • Jim Fine
  • Paul Klonowski
  • Anita Silvert
  • Andrew Huber
  • Mike Reed

4/10/21 Group Photo:

4/3/21 Group Photo:

3/27/21 Group Photo:

3/20/21 Group Photo:

3/13/21 Group photo:

2/27/21 Group photo:

1/29/21 Group Photo

New Year’s Eve Party 12/31/2020

This year has presented challenges to many musicians to stay connected in virtual ways. Off Square’s New Year’s Eve parties have historically been held at Stage Left Cafe for a number of years. But this year……Small Potatoes and Off Square Music want to welcome a brand new year and would love for you to join in and help us do just that!

A Zoom New Year’s Eve party will be set up for Thursday, December 31, 2020 from 8-10:00 pm.

There will be spots for 12 performers @ 10 minutes each. For the last 10 minutes the Spuds will welcome the new year. If you would like a slot, sign up:

  • use the “Contact” button on the menu above by selecting “Other” and inserting your name in the form that follows;
  • send an email to and use New Year’s Eve in the Subject line; or
  • send a message to Off Square Music on Facebook.

Each performer will have 10 minutes.

This is a free event. We would like to thank all those of you who support our venue, both live and virtual, throughout the year. We happily welcome any donation you would like to give. Use the Donate button on our site.

See it also on Facebook –

“Every Saturday” Weekly Open Mic

Join us for a ZOOM Open Mic

sponsored by Off Square Music

Saturday, June 6, 2020

This week’s performers are:

  • Scott Brix
  • Lia McCoo
  • Bob Conway
  • Irene and Mike
  • Kent and Deb
  • Russ and Diane

Doors open at 6:30 pm – Come on in, get settled, and visit with your friends. You can also use this time to locate your Mic control, Gallery/Speaker View switch, and (Text) Chat button. Once the music begins, the host will mute all microphones. The host will still be available by text chat, as will your fellow listeners and performers. The music begins at 7:00.

How to receive an invitation to join: If you are already on the Off Square Music Open Mic mailing list, you will receive a weekly reminder email with the information to join “Every Saturday.” If you would like to be on that list, please send an email via so you can be added to it.

You can optimize your Zoom experience by making a couple of changes in your setup. Here are current best-practices:


If you’d like to perform, please email no later than noon on the Thursday before the event. Andy Andrick will contact you when we receive your email. Please be sure to check out the Instructions for Performers on our website:

We look forward to your participation. This is a work in progress and suggestions are welcome. 


A $3.00 donation is appreciated to help us continue to bring live music to the community. You may use the button below to pay by credit card or through your PayPal account.

Amount: USD