Hybrid Events (Online / In-Person) Coming Soon!

Every Saturday Virtual Open Mic
Every Saturday Virtual Open Mic

Hybrid Events are coming soon! As we head towards 2022, Off Square Music is working on a number of exciting improvements that will allow even more people to join our music community. One of these improvements is the addition of hybrid events, allowing for both in-person and online participation at the same time.

Made popular by the ongoing pandemic, hybrid events allow people to gather in person where possible, but others can join in remotely. This allows greater flexibility for those who may not feel comfortable being in a crowded space or who may not live close enough to attend in person.

Our First Hybrid Event — New Years Eve Open Mic from Stage Left

Save the date! This New Year’s Eve, Off Square Music will host our annual New Years Open Mic at Stage Left with pizza and champagne. This year, though, only performers and their guests will be in Stage Left. Everyone else can attend from home. Plan to grab your own pizza and champagne, and join the fun.

Pre-registration is required for this first event, so please be sure you’re on the Off Square Music email list so you can receive a link for registration. Once you register, you’ll immediately receive the Zoom link via email.

This will be the first test of what we hope to be doing a lot more of in the year to come. As we work to give our community’s artists the exposure they so well deserve, this will help us open our events to a larger audience.

Have ideas about how we can make this better? Send us an email!

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