Sundays on the Square | Sons of the Never Wrong | Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sons of the Never Wrong

Sons of the Never Wrong comes to town for Off Square Music’s Sundays on the Square, July 3, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Hemmens Theater says about this turbo-charged Altfolk trio from Chicago, “One song and you’re a fan for life.”

So plan to get together with your friends on the historic Woodstock Town Square to celebrate music, summer, fun, and friends. Read more below about Sundays on the Square, one of the best things about summer.

Sons of the Never Wrong, Turbo-charged Altfolk

Sons of the Never Wrong is a turbo-charged Altfolk trio from Chicago that delivers witty, whimsical songs with their signature soaring vocal harmonies and gorgeous arrangements.

In case you’re wondering, they’re 2 gals and a fella: Bruce Roper, Sue Demel, and Deborah Lader. Their odd ball humor and spontaneous stories ignite their live shows and have earned them a cult-like international following for nearly 30 years.

Combining influences of folk, jazz, pop and rock, their sound is wildly original, their energy is contagious, and their banter is hilarious.

Band Members

Sue Demel

Sue Demel, Sons of the Never Wrong

“Sue Demel has one of the most unique voices in folk music today.” —Sing Out Magazine

Whether it is scatting, chanting, weaving or arranging, she explodes the preconceived notions of harmony singing. Schooled in jazz and a respected songwriting coach, Sue is a seasoned back-up vocalist whose body of work achieves a rare peace between the boundaries of love and redemption.

Bruce Roper

Bruce Roper, Sons of the Never Wrong

“Bruce Roper has written the near-perfect song.” —A.P. Newswire

Bruce is both a luthier and a well-seasoned carpenter of timeless songs. His reputation as a brilliant, prolific writer is well known in folk circles worldwide. His songs feel like they were written by a wise old poet, yet sung with a child’s innocence. His gift for conjuring melancholy and heartbreak with a wink and a nod gives the listener a fresh take on life’s experience, as he makes things that are hard to say easy to hear.

Deborah Lader, Sons of the Never Wrong

Deborah Lader

“Deborah has a folk sensibility that hits me where I live.” —Art Thieme

Deborah’s diverse influences converge and are expressed through her unique and multi-faceted music. An internationally recognized visual artist, Deb is also a multi-instrumentalist, (guitar, mandolin, mandocello, banjo, piano) with a special gift for songwriting, and a sought-after affinity for vocal harmony.

What Others Say About Them

Dynamic, original harmony vocal trio. ~ WGBH Boston

The Sons are so adventurous, it’s like they’re saying to the rest of us: have courage and take a chance. I feel so grateful that they are here. ~ Michael Smith

The Sons have Revolutionized the world of folk. ~ Univercity Magazine

Although they write some serious songs and give some serious performances, they never take themselves too seriously. They take chances, inventing their own genre as they go. ~ Sing Out

Folk Music Reinvented: Sons of the Never Wrong keep pushing the genre forward. ~ Southwestern Observer

The person who invented music must have had something like this in mind. ~ Culture Mob

Setting a standard for adult alternative, this lyric intensive music is decidedly ear and mind opening. ~ Midwest Record

Their vocal blend sounds like no other; their original songs have wit & heart; their onstage dynamic is nothing short of manic. ~ The Ark

Find out more about Sons of the Never Wrong here:

Sundays on the Square – celebrate music & summer outdoors

Sundays on the Square in 2022 run every Sunday, June 26 – Sept 4, except for July 17 (the Woodstock Folk Festival is always scheduled the third Sunday in July).

Enjoy some great bands from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (noon – 7:00 pm on the opening Sunday, June 26). We gather on the historic Woodstock Square, Cass & Van Buren Streets, Woodstock IL 60098. Shows vary, some with one and some with two acts, featuring local, regional, and national talent. 

Restaurants on the Square are usually open on these evenings with carry-out items, but please confirm with specific places. Of course you can bring your own food items and picnic on the Square. Also, be sure to bring chairs!

Sunday evenings on the Square are always a memorable part of summer in the Woodstock area. Watch this website for updates and specifics on the bands. Better yet, subscribe to our email list if you aren’t already on it!

Upcoming July performances

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These FREE summer concerts are brought to you by Off Square Music, the Woodstock Opera House, grants with support from the Illinois Arts Council, Arts & Culture for Woodstock and Hotel/Motel Use Fund — as well as your generous donations. It truly takes a village (and a state, and a few cities, a couple of guys with wagons and an ice cream vendor).

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